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Schiller Cardiovit AT-101 ECG (EKG) Machine

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The Schiller Cardiovit AT-101 ECG is a 12-lead, interpretive resting ECG machine with intuitive, easy-to-learn controls, a 3-channel LCD screen, and a built-in thermal printer for real-time printing. The optional Schiller Communication Module (SCM) allows the Cardiovit AT-101 to transmit resting ECG data in XML format to a PC and information systems through a LAN port.

The Cardiovit AT-101 ECG unit features:

  • 12-lead resting ECG with standard ECG measurements
  • Analysis and evaluation of ECG recordings
  • Diagnostic aid for heart function and conditions
  • 3-channel LCD display
  • CF-classified and defibrillation protected (with original patient cable) against electric shock
  • Customizable report formats
  • One-year limited warranty

Product Brochure

What's in the Box?

  • 10 Lead Patient Cable
  • 10 Snap Clip Electrode Adapters
  • 500 Disposable Electrodes
  • One (1) pack of paper
  • Power Cable
  • Operating Manual