150 Watt Fiber Optic Illuminator

A-M Systems is pleased to offer this high quality high intensity cold light fiber optic illuminator manufactured by Dolan-Jenner Industries.

The ringlight attachment provides high intensity illumination at high magnifications and long working distances with requiring refocusing when the microscope zoom features are used.

Cable length is 36". Longer lengths can be ordered.

Comes complete with a EKE lamp (Product #725925: 200 hours at full intensity, 3250 °K). Can also accept our higher output EJV lamp (Product #725930: 40 hours full intensity, 3350 °K)

When ordering, the filter unit includes the basic Infrared filter. The associated filter set includes, red, blue, green, yellow, and daylight filters.

Catalog # Name Price
Illuminator with Ring Light
Price: $990.00