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The optopatcher is a new micropipette holder with integrated fiber optics and provides unmatched accuracy in optogenetic activation.

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Pulmonary & Respiratory

Our pulmonary and respiratory products and accessories are designed for patient safety and for efficiency at CPET and PFT clinics.

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Browse our wide selection of insulated and bare wires for applications ranging from electrophysiology experiments to audio.

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Regulatory Compliance

A-M Systems delivers innovative products manufactured under the strict standards of U.S., European and international regulations.

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A-M Systems Conversations

Now Available: CED Data Acquisition and Analysis System

Our new partnership with Cambridge Electronic Design allows us to offer our customers the full range of CED’s well known high-quality dat...

New Opsin Enables Non-Invasive Optogenetics

Researchers at MIT have overcome a key hurdle in optogenetics by creating a new photosensitive protein that responds to a light source ou...

MIR Spirobank II Spirometer Gets Overhauled

MIR’s latest Spirobank II spirometer represents a complete redesign of its older model and comes with all the latest features that ...

Performance Heat and Moisture Exchanger for Clinicians and Patients

Not all filter HME is created the same. HydroMax™ HMEf was designed to be a heat and moisture exchanger with a built-in filter without co...

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Featured Products

Model 2400 Patch Clamp Amplifier, 110 V, 60 Hz
The Model 2400 is a low-noise, full-featured intracellular/extracellular amplifier designed for voltage clamping using patch electrodes on singl...

MultiStim: Programmable 8-Channel Stimulator (Model 3800) 110 V/60 Hz
A-M Systems is proud to introduce our new MultiStim: Programmable 8-Channel Stimulus Generator, the Model 3800. Based on our exper...

HydroMax Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) Filter
Designed for passive humidifiction applications in anesthesia, respiratory care and critical care. Combined HME and viral-bacteri...

VBMax e-Series PFT Filter 35 mm
VBMax™ e-Series 35 mm Pulmonary Function Test filter fits the following spirometers:

PFA-Coated Silver Wire, Diameter: 0.005 in bare, 0.007 in coated, Nominal AWG: 36 bare, 32 coated, 25 ft.

SMD Inspection Station
Industrial SMD Inspection Systems by Meiji Techno are designed specifically for inspecting solder connections of surface mounted or through-hole...