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Introducing the HumBug Noise Eliminator

A-M Systems is proud to offer to our customers another high quality instrument designed to improve electrophysiological recordings at an aff...

Join Us for the Unveiling of Optopatcher and SIU at Neuroscience 2013

Welcome to Neuroscience 2013! We’re unveiling the optopatcher, a new tool for optogenetics, as well as Model 3820 Stimulus Isolator, a...

Optopatcher: Micropipette Holder with Integrated Fiber Optics for Optogenetics

The optopatcher is a new micropipette holder with integrated optical fiber to allow simultaneous patch-clamp recording and optogenetic activ...

Smartphone As a Medical Device: Is It Useful?

Smartphones can easily transform into simple diagnostic tools, such as a heart monitor, ultrasound, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, stethoscope, b...