Mainflow Bacterial Filters

Price: $51.00
Catalog #:154600

Mainflow Bacteria Filters come in a variety of sizes and have a variety of popular connectors to attach to most ventilator systems, such as the Puritan Bennett, Bourns Bear and Siemens units. The filters are appropriate for adult and pediatric respiratory main line applications. They have been proven 99.97% effective in filtering bacteria from the patient's inspired gas and in preventing the entry of bacteria back into the ventilator through the patient's circuit, thus assuring nearly sterile conditions. Their most important use is for the patient whose upper respiratory tract has been bypassed.

  • Autoclavable up to 25 times
  • Non-woven fiberglass filter media
  • Proven 99.97% effective in filtering bacteria
  • Flow 100 L/m at 2.5 cm H20
  • Housing made of lightweight durable white polypropylene
  • All sizes available in individual packages
  • A-M Systems offers the lowest price on the market!
  • Autoclavable KratonĀ® 22 mm connector available - order #113900
  • 1 Filter per package