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New Isolated High-Power Stimulator

Model 4100 produces ±200 V pulses at 100 mA with the option to
deliver a range of stimulus trains using an operating system of your choice.

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VBMax S-Series PFT Filters

A smaller oval mouthpiece and ridges for grip add a new level
comfort to pediatric and adult pulmonary function tests.

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Pulmonary & Respiratory

Our pulmonary and respiratory products and accessories are
designed for patient safety and for efficiency at CPET and PFT clinics.

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The optopatcher is a new micropipette holder with integrated
fiber optics and provides unmatched accuracy in optogenetic activation.

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Regulatory Compliance

A-M Systems delivers innovative products manufactured under
the strict standards of U.S., European and international regulations.

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A-M Systems Conversations

Get a Free Tablet and Discounts With Model 4100 Isolated High Power Stimulator

For a limited time, you get a free tablet to control the Model 4100 Isolated High Power Stimulator. And we’re offering additional d...

New Isolated Stimulator Delivers Power, Flexibility, Convenience

A-M Systems proudly introduces our new Model 4100 Isolated High Power Programmable Stimulator. Our most powerful, most flexible, and most...

A-M Systems Attends East Coast Nerve Net at MBL

This past weekend, Dr. Jonathan Bakin of A-M Systems joined respected scientists, post-docs, and graduate students at the 39th East Coast...

1977 A-M Systems Pulmonary Function Catalog with Flow-Volume Loop

We continue our throwback Thursday posts with a look at print ads from the archives containing 40 years’ worth of materials. This w...

New Spirolab Touchscreen

The new Spirolab touchscreen spirometer is the ultimate portable desktop solution for modern clinicians.

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Featured Products

Humbug Noise Eliminator, 110V, 60Hz
A-M Systems is proud to offer to our customers another high quality instrument designed to improve electrophysiological recordings at an afforda...

Optopatcher: Combining Optogenetics and Patch Clamping
The Optopatcher provides unmatched accuracy in applying optical stimulation to an in-vivo patch-clamp protocol. The holder houses both an optical fib...

HydroMax Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) Filter
Designed for passive humidifiction applications in anesthesia, respiratory care and critical care. Combined HME and viral-bacteri...

VBMax S-Series PFT Filter 35 mm
VBMax S-Series 35 mm Pulmonary Function Test filter fits the following spirometers: Manuf...

PFA-Coated Silver Wire, Diameter: 0.005 in bare, 0.007 in coated, Nominal AWG: 36 bare, 32 coated, 25 ft.

SMD Inspection Station
Industrial SMD Inspection Systems by Meiji Techno are designed specifically for inspecting solder connections of surface mounted or through-hole...