Model 2300 Digital Stimulus Isolator

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Produce isolated square pulses controlled by your D/A system

A-M Systems Model 2300

Long Battery Life

8 Hours Running Time
± 50 V at 5 mA


Cosntant Current or Voltage
Monophasic or Biphasic

Output Levels

Based on Control
Logic Levels

The Model 2300 Digital Stimulus Isolator provides opto-electrical isolation and amplitude control for square pulses whose timing parameters are generated by your computer. These levels are set by the front-panel ten-turn potentiometers. Scaled according to the Range switch setting, these levels can result in an output up to 50 V or 5 mA.

The Model 2300 can generate monophasic or biphasic pulses when provided with three TTL control signals: On/Off, Baseline/Pulse, and Polarity.

  • “On/Off” determines if the Model 2300 output section is enabled.
  • Baseline/Pulse determines if the front panel Baseline potentiometer or if the front panel Pulse setting determines the output level.
  • Polarity determines if the output is positive or negative.

By strategically controlling the values of these three TTL control signals, you can control the pulse timing and the output parameters.

If for any reason the instrument cannot follow the input signal, an Error indicator lights. The isolated output section is battery-powered and optically-coupled to the input section, for complete signal isolation.

The battery is adequate to provide full function for at least 8 hours of continuous use. An internal battery tester is provided. A charger is supplied, and an overnight charge cycle is all that is required to ready the 2300 for another day’s use.

Supply TTL Level Pulses

Please note that the software that controls this unit is compatible with DOS, but not Windows. It is not currently being shipped with the unit.

Proper operation of the unit requires the user to be able to supply TTL level pulses in the appropriate order to the 9-pin front panel connector labelled CONTROL. A cable is shipped to facilitate this connection.

The Model 2300 includes:

  • Battery Charger
  • Operator's manual
  • Constant current and constant voltage source
  • ± 50 V maximum bipolar/biphasic output voltage
  • 5 mA maximum output current
  • Opto-isolation
  • Wide bandwidth, DC to 40 kHz, < 10 µsec rise time (resistive loads)
  • Uses only two rechargable batteries and has a built-in recharger
  • Compact: 2.5" x 6" x 6.25"
  • Low noise < 0.003% of full scale
  • TTL-level controls
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