Stimulation Instrumentation

Isolated high-powered stimulus generator can produce waveform trains with events up to +/-200 V and 100 mA. 1 microsecond resolution. Windows, Apple OSx and iOS, and MATLAB- and LabVIEW-compatible software control the device, in addition to front-panel interface.
Model 4100 Isolated High Power Stimulator
Eight voltage stimulation channels capable of generating pulse stimulation trains. Windows, MATLAB- and LabVIEW-compatible software control, in addition to touch-screen, front-panel display. Can be paired with optional stimulus isolation units to generate isolated constant current or constant voltage pulses.
Model 3800 8-Channel Programmable Pulse Generator
Pulse stimulator with built in stimulus isolation unit generating +/-50 V 10 mA pulse trains with microsecond resolution and timing.
Model 2100 Isolated Pulse Stimulator
Battery-powered linear stimulus isolation unit that can generate up to +/-50V 5mA bipolar outputs based on any input signal you provide.
Model 2200 Analog Stimulus Isolator
Battery-powered pulse stimulus isolation unit that can generate up to +/-50V 5mA bipolar pulsatile outputs based on your generation of TTL level timing signals.
Model 2300 Digital Stimulus Isolator
Have a Grass Instruments Model S88 Dual Output Square Pulse Stimulator, the S48 Square Pulse Stimulator, or the SD9 Square Pulse Stimulator? Scientific researchers can now turn to A-M Systems for repairs or replacement with new instrumentation.