Model 3100 Intracellular Electrometer

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Model 3100 makes research quality recordings possible on a teaching budget.

A-M Systems Model 3100

Research Quality

For an Education Budget

Full Function

AC or DC Signals
Gain, Filtering, Capacity Compesnsation

Low Noise

1.8 µV p-p
10 Hz to 10 kHz

The Model 3100 Intracellular Electrometer is a simple to use low cost full function intracellular amplifier. Research quality recordings made possible by an instrument you can purchase on a teaching budget.

Common applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Intracellular recording
  • Low-Noise extracellular recordings
  • Current Clamp
  • Dye Injection

The amplifiers current compensation circuit includes a dual-transient control that provides extremely precise adjustments to transient suppression during membrane recordings. Its DC balance control eliminates the need for an external bridge or a differential input oscilloscope. The DC offset control can eliminate up to ±1V of offset.

An internal square-wave generator supplies a 100Hz current pulse to determine electrode resistance. Capacity compensation can adjust up to 35pF of electrode capacitance. Additional stray capacitance can be reduced by using the driven shield connector on the head stage probe.

The Model 3100’s uses an advanced capacitance “Ringer” for clearing electrode tips and enhancing the membrane penetration of neurons. The Ringer’s amplitude and frequency of the pulsed oscillations sent to the electrode can be adjusted. Low pass filtering combined with a line frequency notch filter are available for the researcher to diminish extraneous frequencies and external line noise.

The current injection system allows for both internally generated and externally generated current. This current can be set for continuous or momentary injection. The sum of the current can be gated by an external TTL logic signal source.

The small size of the amplifier and its remote power supply offer the advantage of placing the amplifier near to the experimental set up. For example, the amplifier can be placed within a Faraday cage with minimal power-line interference.

Model 3100 Headstage

For proper operation, the purchase of a Model 3100-compatible headstage (Catalog#: 920500) is required.


  • Noise (10 Hz - 50 kHz): 18 µV, rms shorted; < 350 µV, 20 MΩ source
  • Input impedance: 1013 Ω; capacitance adjustable to zero
  • Bias current: Adjustable to zero
  • Voltage gain: x1 and x10
  • Capacity Compensation: -4 pF–35 pF
  • DC Offset: ±1 V
  • Max internal current: 1 µA
  • External current: 100 nA/V; 10 V maximum
  • Electrode test: 100 Hz, 10 nA; (i.e. 10 mV/MΩ electrode resistance)
  • Ringer: 0 - 10 V biphasic, 2 - 8 kHz
  • External power supply for low noise
  • Custom settings available—call for details!

The Model 3000 includes:

  • Operator's manual and Rack mount hardware
  • Remote international power supply
  • Rack mount hardware
Catalog # Product Price
920500 Model 3100 Headstage
Price: $380.00
915120 Replacement Desktop Power Supply-120 V
Price: $150.00
915122 Replacement Desktop Power Supply-230 V
Price: $150.00

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Price: $1,370.00