SciWorks Data Acquisition & Analysis Suite

SciWorks Discovery:
Comprehensive data acquisition and analysis
software for any research protocol.
From 1 to 128 channels.

SciWorks Discovery Data Acquisition & Analysis Suite

Comprehensive full-functionality data acquisition data acquisition and analysis tools for 1 to 8 channels. Includes data acquisition hardware and analysis software.

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SciWorks Discovery Pro Data Acquisition & Analysis Suite

Upgrade capability to record and analyze more than 8 channels simultaneously. Can expand to 128 channels. Supports VideoBench tracking and analysis system. Supports complicated stimulus generation system.

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SciWorks Discovery Analysis

Standalone analysis software package for neural and behavioral data. Compatible with wide variety of data export structures from non-Sciworks data acquisitions systems

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SciWorks Discovery Support

Dedicated customer service subscription plans provide experiment design assistance, training of lab personnel, remote control troubleshooting, free minor upgrades and discounts towards major upgrades

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About SciWorks Data Acquisition & Analysis Suite

You have spent hours designing and refining your experiment. Troubleshooting the inevitable breakdowns in the gear. Optimizing your surgical techniques. But that effort is lost if you can’t capture your data efficiently, analyze it accurately, and publish it quickly. The data acquisition and analysis system you select to build around is critical to the success of your research endeavors. Make sure you pick a system capable of delivering everything you require, such as functionality and flexibility.

A-M Systems is proud to announce the acquisition of SciWorks. Long recognized as the premier data acquisition and analysis system used by neurophysiologists, A-M Systems promises to expand its functionality, improve its ease of use, and extend its applicability in the years to come.

For those of you who currently use SciWorks, you have undoubtedly worked with Engineer Dale Martin over the years. Dale has supported SciWorks customers for over a decade, providing assistance with experiment design, analysis formulation, and generic troubleshooting.

Dale has joined A-M Systems as a new team member to guide the development of SciWorks into the future and provide the excellent customer support he has in the past. Together with Neuroscience and Physiology Product manager Dr. Jonathan Bakin, and Director of Engineering Dr. David Mittmann, Dale is committed to adding effective software tools to the family of high quality instrumentation and excellent customer service you have come to expect from A-M Systems.

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We can tailor the webinar around your research protocols, and show you how using SciWorks can improve your research endeavors.

Not simply a pre-recorded video! Our senior SciWorks specialist will be able to highlight whatever features or capabilities of SciWorks you require for your work.

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A-M Systems SciWorks Discovery and Discover Pro Update

The latest version of SciWorks Discovery and Discovery Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis Suites is easier to install, includes refreshed help files, and features the most recent Microsoft Windows security requirements. Purchase or upgrade your older version today! Discounts apply to upgrades and service plan subscribers.

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"I have been using SciWorks software and A-M Systems hardware for nearly a decade and have been continually impressed by the recording quality, capabilies, affrdability, and excellent technical support. If you need high-quality electrophysiological recordings and sophisticated experiment control software, SciWorks and A-M Systems are the way to go."

David Klorig, PhD
Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy
Wake Forest University Health Sciences