SciWorks Service & Support Plans

Purchasing a complete data acquisition and analysis system is a major decision. The burden to ensure that system provides the functionality you require to perform your experiments is typically on you. Alleviate your concerns by purchasing an annual service contract from A-M Systems to support you in your research endeavors.

Free Experiment Design

Customized Training Webinar

Remote Troubleshooting

Free Minor Upgrades

SciWorks Service & Support Plans include:

  • One free complete experiment (both acquisition and analysis components) designed by you but configured by A-M Systems (1 per year)
  • One comprehensive customized training webinar for your lab group (1 per year)
  • Remote troubleshooting of your data acquisition system and computer
  • Free minor upgrades to SciWorks
  • Discounts to major SciWorks releases updates and A-M Systems specials

Site licenses are also available when a single lab group owns 4 or more SciWorks installations.

With a site license, you receive all of the above per installation. If you have 4 rigs running SciWorks, you are entitled to 4 experiments being designed in total per year.

Custom Consultant Work

Are you embarking on a new experimental protocol and require assistance to configure SciWorks to implement what you want it to do? Direct consulting with our engineering team is available on a per case basis, billed hourly at $210 per hour, with a minimum contract of 4 hours.

To proceed, send us a detailed description of your project requirements by clicking on the contact tab.

"The data I collect with SciWorks is of the highest quality, and the customer support is second to none."

Jeffrey Burgdorf, PhD
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Northwestern University

Catalog # Name Price
SciWorks Service Plan for 1 Year
Price: $900.00
SciWorks Service Plan for 2 Years
Price: $1,700.00
SciWorks Service Plan for 3 Years
Price: $2,400.00
SciWorks Contract Work (Per Hour)
Price: $210.00