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—Model 4000 31-Channel M-Series Headstage

The Multirecord Package features the M-Series 31-Channel headstages made by Traingle Biosystems, Inc. (TBSI).

Triangle BioSystems, Inc. offers a family of multiplexing channel analog multiplexing headstage subassemblies that are used to provide a reduced wired connection between implanted electrodes and neural recording and analysis equipment. The main function of the headstage is to precondition the neuron pulse signals and provide a high gain, bandpass filtered buffered connection over a 3 wire cable. Each headstage design is based on a custom, low power VLSI developed by TBSI. The result is a solution with superior performance and reduced wire connection in a very small form-factor with less weight.

Shown at right with optional LEDs for video tracking.

To discuss the appropriate system configuration you require, questions about the system itself, or to request a price quotation, please contact our Physiology Product Manager, Dr. Jonathan Bakin.