Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU) Model 3820 for A-M Systems MultiStim

Price: $1,320.00
Catalog #:710500
  • The Model 3820 Stimulus Isolation Unit isolates converts, and scales the output of a single channel of the Model 3800 into either constant current or constant voltage.
  • ± 60V at 10mA, with a 500 kHz bandwidth
  • Its output is DC, but an AC filter can be activated if desired.
  • The SIU is battery-powered in order to ensure proper stimulus isolation. Recharging the batteries is simple, as the Model 3800 Base unit provides all the power required to recharge the batteries in as little as 5 hours from complete discharge.

Please note that A-M Systems instruments are not approved for use with human subjects in either a clinical or research environment.