OptiChamber Diamond

Price: $22.00
Catalog #:166401

New, Smaller, Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber

  • Low resistance inspiratory and expiratory valves open freely, even under low pediatric pressures and flows
  • Highly visible expiratory valve helps measure breath count and breath hold
  • Uniquely designed stepped mouthpiece facilitates transfer from pediatric mask to mouthpiece and allows attachment to a 22mm connector
  • Mouthpiece and adapter disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Clear, anti-static chamber delivers consistent aerosol therapy and is ready to use right out of the package
  • Adapter securely holds the pMDI in place
  • Integrated high flow whistle facilitates patient training of proper breathing technique
  • One-way silicone valve prevents exhaled air from entering the chamber
  • Responds even to the lowest of flow rates, making OptiChamber an ideal fit for pediatric patients.
  • 12 exhaust ports on the clear, locking mouthpiece vents exhaled air.
LiteTouch VHC Masks for OptiChamber Diamond

LiteTouch VHC Masks for OptiChamber Diamond are available in three sizes.

  • Soft-seal technology is designed to contour to face, reduce leakage with minimal applied force
  • More comfortable and less technique dependent
  • Clear, rigid structure provides application ease and unrestricted view of patient's face during therapy
  • Detachable masks available in three sizes

OptiChamber Diamond Features:

  • Larger chamber accommodates wider HFA aerosol plumes and makes more fine particle dose available
  • Medication output is less sensitive to patient technique, such as flow rate and time between actuation and delivery
  • Built-in audible whistle warns of high flow and encourages proper inhalation speed
  • Replaceable one-way silicone valve prevents exhaled air from entering the chamber
  • Twelve exhaust ports on the mouthpiece vent exhaled air
  • Mouthpiece's 22 mm O.D. makes it compatible with tracheal tubes and other connections
  • Clear view of the valve allows clinicians to observe timing and count breaths
  • Highly sensitive valve responds to even the lowest of pediatric flow rates
  • Small, medium and large masks available for pediatric use
  • With proper care, such as cleaning and valve replacement, OptiChamber should last at least one year.


Length5.6 in (14.2 cm)
Chamber volume140 mL
MouthpieceInterfaces with 22mm standard connectors
Materials and maintenance
ChamberAnti-static Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
LiteTouch maskPolycarbonate (PC) Silicone
MaintenanceCan be easily disassembled for hand cleaning with warm water and liquid detergent
Life span dataReplace after one year