HydroMax Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) Filter

Price: $66.00
Per box of 25 filters
Catalog #:158200
GTIN: 00817081020502

HydroMax Features:

  • Designed for passive humidifiction applications in anesthesia, respiratory care and critical care.
  • Combined HME and viral-bacterial filter increases efficiency and reduces weight and dead space.
  • Highly efficient bacterial-viral filter protects patients and equipment from bacteria and viruses.
  • Hygroscopic membrane traps maximum amount of moisture and reduces the need for active humidifiction.
  • Tethered cap keeps gas monitoring port sealed while not in use and prevents misplacement.
  • Minimal resistance/pressure drop increases air flow.
  • Universal ISO 5356 connectors (22M/15F, 22F/15M) ensure compatibility with different ventilator and anesthesia systems.
  • HydroMax is free of latex, PVC, DEHP and BPA.
  • Supplied Clean and individually packaged for a single patient and single use.
  • HydroMax™ and ViroMax™ may be combined in custom-configured breathing circuits to meet your needs.
  • 25 Filters per case.
 Download HydroMax HME Filter Brochure

HydroMax Moisture Output

Filtration Efficiency1
Bacterial> 99.9999%
Viral> 99.99%
Moisture Output2 (1 hr | 24 hrs)
VT 250 mL37.2 mg/L | 36.3 mg/L
VT 500 mL36.9 mg/L | 34.9 mg/L
VT 750 mL35.4 mg/L | 33.0 mg/L
VT 1000 mL36.6 mg/L | 32.3 mg/L
Recommended Tidal Volume
250-1000 mL
Pressure Drop/Resistance2
30 L/min0.08 kPa (0.8 cm H2O)
60 L/min0.19 kPa (1.9 cm H2O)
90 L/min0.33 kPa (3.3 cm H2O)
Dead space
56 mL
21 g
Patient Side15F/22M
Machine Side15M/22F