Fiber-Optic Light Stimulating Device

Price: $730.00


Light stimulating device with three available wavelengths
for Optopatcher optogenetics holders in patch clamp studies.

ALA Scientific Light Stimulating Device for Optopatcher and Optogenetics

LED Intensity

Knob or Computer Control

Changeable LED

Three Available Wavelengths

Low Noise

For Integration

ALA Scientific's Light Stimulation Device (LSD-1) is a high-quality light source that can be easily mated to the Optopatcher to bring unmatched accuracy in optogenetic stimulation to patch clamp studies.

ALA Scientific's LSD-1 can be incorporated into existing electrophysiology setups where light sensitive ion channels are being studied. Optical stimulation over standard electrical stimulation techniques affords researchers the advantage of non-invasively stimulating targeting areas.

Key features of the LSD-1 include:

  • LED intensity control via manual knob or via analog signal for computer control
  • Easily changeable LED's for different wavelength use
  • Low-noise electronics for integration into electrophysiology setups

The LSD-1 uses a single LED to enable the application of a narrow wavelength of light for use as illumination or stimulation of a sample or biological preparation. Using a fiber optic cable, the LSD's output can be connected directly to the Optopatcher, and be aimed directly into the same cell being patched for maximum optogenetic stimulation accuracy.

The intensity of the LED can be controlled manually by a dial on the top, or an analog signal can be connected to the side BNC to provide computer control of the intensity and on/off of the LED via a data acquisition system.

If necessary, the LED can be easily changed to another wavelength using an optional replacement LED module.

Please note these items for sale only to institutions in the United States and Canada.

To attach any LSD-1 to the Optopatcher, you need:

  • One LSD-1 light source (Catalog #: 726500/726502/726504)
  • One Fiberoptic Light Guide Adapter (Catalog #: 726505)
  • One Fiberoptic Light Guide from those listed on this page
4.6"/11.6cm x 3.6"/90.5cm x 2.25"/57.3cm; 0.8lbs/0.36kg
5V DC/ 2A
Light Guide
300-560nm, 0.12in Core, 1.6in bend radius, 39.4in length
Available LEDs
Blue, 465nm; Green, 520nm; Amber, 624nm
Catalog # Name Price
Fiberoptic Light Stimulating Device, With 465nm Blue LED
Fiberoptic Light Stimulating Device, With 520nm Green LED
Fiberoptic Light Stimulating Device, With 624nm Amber LED
Adapter for Fiberoptic Light Guide for Optopatcher
Replacement 465nm Blue LED Module
Replacement 520nm Green LED Module
Replacement 624nm Amber LED Module