Vitalograph MDI Training Spacers

Price: $297.00
Catalog #:350095

The most common delivery device for treatment of asthma is a metered dose inhaler (MDI). It is estimated that over 70% of patients do not use the MDI properly. A spacer is commonly prescribed along with the inhaler to help eliminate improper MDI use and enhance delivery of the medication to the lungs.

The low-cost, disposable, Vitalograph MDI training spacer allows the patient to practice technique and for their health care professional to assess the patients MDI and spacer use before they obtain the real thing. The MDI training spacer fits most placebo devices and has a one-way valve preventing the patient from breathing into the MDI placebo.

  • Enables patients to practice technique
  • Allows for assessment of MDI & Spacer use
  • One-way valve
  • Low-cost and disposable
  • Fits most placebo devices
  • Box of 150