Vitalograph Pneumotrac Spirometer With Spirotrac 6 Software

Price: $2,600.00
Catalog #:350250

The Vitalograph Pneumotrac Spirometer, combined with the new Spirotrac software, is a respiratory diagnostic device that is powerful and flexible. With a reduced desktop footprint, spirometry can be conducted anywhere with PC, laptop, or tablet. It is suitable for adults and children, as its Fleisch flow technology is reliable and accurate, even at very low flow rates.

The redesigned Spirotrac 6 software complies with the ATS/ERS Standardization of Spirometry 2019 Update and features an intuitive interface and advanced quality control feedback. Additionally, it is compatible with all major EHR/EMR systems via HL7.

  • Complies with the ATS/ERS Standardization of Spirometry 2019 Update.
  • Supports Pre-, Post-bronchodilator, and over 50 parameters.
  • Works with VBMax PFT Filters for effective cross-contamination control.
  • Provides real-time curves and incentives, and instant quality feedback using the latest criteria.
  • Interprets results based on ATS/ERS and GOLD standards, and evaluates the results using GLI spirometry predicted sets with LLN, %Pred, and Z-scores.
  • Performs automatic BTPS correction with a built-in temperature sensor.
  • Integrates with compatible Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems via HL7.
  • Powered through the USB port.
  • Includes a 5-year warranty with registration.


Vitalograph Pneumotrac Specifications
Vitalograph Pneumotrac Model 6800
Flow Detection PrincipalFleisch type pneumotachograph
Volume DetectionFlow integration sampling @ 100Hz
Volume AccuracyWithin ±2.5%
Flow Measurement RangeMax. flow rate ±960 L/min (±16 L/s) Min. flow rate ±1.2 L/min (±0.02 L/s)
PEF AccuracyWithin ±10%
Back pressureLess than 0.1kPa/L/sec @ 14L/sec
Operating temperature rangeISO26782 limits: 17–37ºC Design limits: 10–40ºC
Operating humidity range30%–75%
Ambient pressure range850hPa–1060hPa
Performance standardsthe Vitalograph Pneumotrac meets or exceeds ATS/ERS 2019, ISO 23747:2015 & ISO 26782:2009 QA/GMP standards EN ISO 13485, FDA 21 CFR 820, SOR/98-282, JPAL
Dimensions160mm (length) x 95mm (width) x 115mm (height)
CommunicationsUSB 2.0/3.0
Power Supply5V DC via USB
Device ClassificationClass II (USA) / IIa (EU) medical device
Vitalograph Spirotrac 6 Software
PC Requirements2.00 GHz or faster, 4 GB RAM, Microsoft .NET 4.8, SQL Server Express, Windows 10 or higher, USB port, 1200 x 800 monitor.
Test Types SupportedSpirometry: Single breatd testing, multi-breatd testing, tidal breatding. VC, FVC, PCF, Pre-/Post-Bronchodilator
FVC ParametersFVC, FEV1, FEV6, FEV1/FVC, FEV1/FEV6, FEV1 Ratio, PEF (L/s), PEF(L/min), FIVC, PIF (L/s) , PIF (L/min), EF25-75, TV, IRV, ERV, IC, EV, TExt, TPef, FET, FEV.5, FEV.5/FVC, FEV.75, FEV.75/FVC, FEV3, FEV3/FVC, FEV6/FVC, FEF0.2-1.2, FEF75-85, FEF2575/FVC, FEF25, FEF50, FEF75, FEV1/PEF, FIF25, FIF50, FIF75, FIF50/FEF50, FIVC/FVC, FIV1, FEV1/FIVC, FIV1/FIVC, FIV1/FVC, FEF50/FIF50, MVVind, EV/FVC, FMFT, IVC, FEV1/IVC, FEFmax, EOTV , FEV1/HT2, FEV1/VC, FEV3/VC, RAWind, RV, FRC, TLC, Lung Age, EOTV, THes, Rise Time
VC ParametersVC, IVC, EVC, TV, IC, ERV, TLC, FRC, RV
Predicted Values SelectableGLI (Quanjer 2012), NHANES, ERS 93, Forche
Suggested InterpretationATS/ERS Gold
DatabaseMS SQL server
Device classificationIIa per Annex IX of tde MDD
EMR ConnectivityHL7, GDT
Export OptionsPDF reports
Import OptionsSpirotrac V Database Migration
IncentivesCandles, Ball and Tube, Big Bad Wolf
TrendingAutomatic FEV1 trend. Additional parameters also available.
ReportingComprehensive configurable PDF reports