VBMax 34 mm S-Series PFT Kit With Blue Rubber Nose Clip and Rubber Mouthpiece

Price: $340.00
Per case of 100 kits
Catalog #:187114

VBMax 34 mm PFT Filter Kits are available with E-Series and S-Series filters, packaged 100 kits in a box, and are compatible with the following:

  • Jaeger
  • CareFusion MasterScreen
  • PulmOne
  • Vmax Vyntus SPIRO
  • Vernier Spirometer
  • Vmax Encore IOS

High-Filtration Efficiency Without Sacrificing Resistance

Protect your patient and your testing instruments with the VBMax™ Pulmonary Function Filter. VBMax™ provides a high degree of protection for the patient as well as your testing equipment, while its low resistance allows for accurate testing results.

Independent laboratory tests have verified that this pulmonary function filter is highly effective. VBMax™ consistently filters out more than 99.999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses. At the same time, VBMax™ easily surpasses published ATS recommendations for flow resistance in pulmonary function instrumentation, which suggest resistance should be below 1.5 cm H2O/L/sec at flow rates of 14 L/sec.

  • Cost effective testing
  • Disposable: Single-patient test/session use
  • 99.999% Bacterial filtration efficiency
  • 99.99% Viral filtration efficiency
  • Low resistance
  • Low dead space within ATS guidelines
  • 45 mL when measured without tube fittings
  • Free sample pack available upon request
  • 100 Kits per case
VBMax Resistance to Flow

* The chart above was based on resistance test results conducted in June 2011 for VBMax™ 35 mm PFT Filter.