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Carbolime™ carbon dioxide absorbent is a granular soda lime absorbent for the efficient removal of carbon dioxide from closed and semi-closed patient breathing circuits. Carbolime™ is a quality compound which contains no potassium hydroxide(KOH). It is formed by proportionately mixing calcium hydroxide(Ca(OH)2) with a small amount of sodium Hydroxide(NaOH).

Carbolime™ is supplied as hard, irregularly shaped granules, which have been processed to remove dust formation from friction. Significant process improvements have resulted in enhancements in moisture content (12-19%), hardness, and porosity generation. As a result, Carbolime™ delivers dependable, efficient CO2 absorption.

Color Indication and Regeneration

Medical grade Carbolime™ contains a small amount of ethyl violet, which acts as a color indicator when the absorbent is nearing exhaustion. Carbolime™ color is white to off-white. As CO2 is absorbed, it reacts with the ethyl violet, which causes the granules to change to a purple color. The purple color will intensify to indicate exhaustion. When the deep purple color has penetrated to half the depth of the absorber, the used material should be discarded.

If exhausted material is left standing its color will slowly change back to white. Carbolime™ in this newly regenerated state should never be re-used as it will quickly turn purple almost immediately. Therefore it is essential to empty canisters immediately after use.

  • No KOH - Minimum anaesthetic agent degradation (e.g., Sevoflurane to Compound A and other toxic products) compared to other brands containing potassium hydroxide.
  • Low Dust - Minimum dust levels with the benefits of high surface area and graded particle size.
  • Low risk of carbon monoxide formation due to good resistance of dry gas desiccation.
  • Low Bulk Density - Less weight required to fill absorber and, therefore, less waste when refilling frequently (e.g.,daily) prior to full exhaustion.
  • Low odor due to reliability control of indicator dye concentration. Dye overdosing causes amines to be released: dye underclosing causes poor / no color change. 
  • Pre-packaged Cartridge - Sealed in an airtight safety wrapper, the disposable, pre-packaged cartridge eliminates measuring, filling and spilling. The high clarity styrene polymer body inserts smoothly into Dräeger and Ohmeda anesthesia machines.
  • Bag - Heat-sealed bag is designed for convenience. The airtight plastic-and foil lined bag contains a sufficient amount of Carbolime™ to fill a standard 1350 gram absorber canister.