Model 3600 Headstage, 16-Channel, Record / Stimulate

Price: $2,050.00
Catalog #:962000

There are two headstages available for use with the Model 3600 16-Channel Amplifier: A 16-Channel Stimulating and Recording Headstage (Triangular headstage in photo at right), and a 16-channel microminiature Record Only Headstage (At right of stamp in photo).

Our Stimulating and Recording headstage enables simultaneous stimulation and recording on any combination (or all) of the 16 channels when paired with our Model 3600 Amplifier. Capped in the Omnetics Corporation nanominiature connectors, we can provide adapters for use with other electrode configurations, including the Michigan Probe. This headstage uses fast switching relays (microsecond switching times, not milliseconds!) to control signal paths between stimulating and recording modes.

The Stimulating and Recording Headstage (Product 962000) comes with built-in recording output cable. Optional Stimulation control cable (#962050) is required to operate stimulation functions. Max current is 20mA, with a +/- 10V voltage range.


Our Record-Only Headstage (right) is a microminiature x10 headstage with 16 amplified channels and an amplified reference electrode channel. The entire headstage is roughly the size of a penny, and features 0.025" connector spacing using Omnetics Corporation nanominiature connectors.

The Recording Only Headstage (Product 961100) does not come with a recording output cable. Order #961150 Output Cable.

Input options include direct connections to electrodes or to a connector with small input leads (Product 963000). Adapters are available for the "Michigan Probe DIP electrode (Product 963200) or a larger pin connector (Product 963100). Please contact us for details.