Model 3000 Headstage

Price: $480.00
Catalog #:910500

Optional headstages are available for use with high impedance electrodes. Typically, they are recommended with the impedance of the electrode exceeds 1 to 2 MΩ. The mini headstage supports only recording functionality and features an extremely compact size. The regular headstage supports all instrument functionality, including record, stimulate and impedance modes. Headstage cable length is 5 feet, but can be extended up to 10 feet in total length.

Current Model 3000 Headstages are furnished with short interconnects designed to mate with any metal electrodes that terminates in Cooper/Wire-Pro/Amphenol style Reliatac 220-P02 connectors, including all of A-M Systems metal electrodes. To use glass micropipette electrodes with the Model 1800 headstage, a compatible microelectrode holder should be purchased. Any pipette holder with a 2 mm pin can mate directly with the headstage without the use of the interconnect. Older Model 3000 headstages (sold prior to March 2013) accept slightly smaller pins, and can mate directly to our 1.6 mm pin holders.