Model 1700 Mini D/C Coupled Headstage

Price: $382.00
Catalog #:692200

While not explicitly designed for use with a headstage, the Model 1700 can be modified to accept a headstage for a minimal charge.

We can modify the unit to work with a headstage, however, this comes with a functional cost as well as an actual price increase. Functionally, putting a headstage on the front end of one of these units eliminates the ability to use the stimulation mode on that channel of the amplifier, thereby preventing the user from passing current to the site through the electrode. In addition, the headstage is a DC unit, thus the amplifier will saturate if the offset between the electrode and the reference is too large. In the modified units, this is 1V, which should still provide plenty of room to record most signals.

When we modify a unit for use with a headstage, we decrease the gain on the inner channels by a factor of 10, so the overall gain remains as indicated on the switch labels. The modification consists of supplying power to drive the headstage, and this requires a slight circuit modification.

Please contact us for an accurate price quote for the modification.