Model 6820 Iontophoresis Adapter

Price: $300.00
Catalog #:682000

An Iontophoresis Adapter Model 6820 (Catalog: #682000) is available for use with the Model 1600 Neuroprobe Amplifier to apply high voltages to the micropipette for iontophoretic injection of drugs or dyes, or any other application where currents greater than those provided by the Model 1600 are required.

The Model 6820 is connected between the Headstage Probe and the Model 1600. When the 6820 selector switch is in the EXT position, up to ±200 V can be applied to the electrode to permit injection of dyes or drugs into the cell. The injection current equals the voltage applied to the + and - terminals on the Model 6820 divided by the sum of the electrode resistance and the 9.0 MV protective resistance of the Headstage. The - terminal on the Model 6820 is connected internally to the system GND.

If the switch is set to the INT position, routine recording and injecting operations can be performed with the Model 1600 as if the Model 6820 were not present.