Model 1600 Headstage

Price: $460.00
Catalog #:681500

The headstage for the Neuroprobe Amplifier is designed to assure the user flexibility in application as well as optimum recordings.  It can be mounted in a standard micromanipulator, and its small size (0.44" diameter; 4" long) insures its adaptability to various experimental conditions.  The mounting rod can be attached either to the end of the head stage for a vertical experimental configuration or to the mounting adapter for a right-angle configuration.  The head stage has a standard 0.08" pin connector jack for use with half-cell microelectrode holders.

The head stage features an internal driven shield to be placed around the body of the electrode from reduced capacitance and noise.  It houses a wide bandwidth, FET-input operational amplifier and current injection and capacitance compensation components.  The input impedance is typically 1014 Ohms; the input current is typically less than 1.0 pA; the bandwidth is greater than 325 kHz.

All metal parts are chrome-plated to resist corrosion. The flexible 5' cable is silicone jacketed to resist mild alkalis, acids and solvents.