Model 2410 Cell Simulator

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Train in patch clamp techniques or test your rig with an electrical
equivalent circuit that mimics several research conditions.

A-M Systems Model 2410

Easy to Use

Whole Cell Clamp or
Single Channel

Excellent Teaching Tool

100% Stable
200 kHz Bandwidth

Rig Tester

Facilitate Computer
Logging of Settings

Cell Simulator Model 2410

The Model 2410 is an electrical equivalent circuit of several types of conditions a research encounters during voltage and current clamping. This model can be used to train students in patch clamp technique, or to improve your patch clamping techniques. It is also very useful to test if your patch clamp is functioning properly without having to worry about connections and pipette problems.

The Model 2410 acts as a "virtual cell" when attached to your amplifier headstage. By selecting one of the offered MODE positions, the internal circuity acts to mimic the condition listed, and present the equivalent electrical signal to your headstage. This enables your students to learn how the recording will vary with the assorted conditions, and what they should look for in their real recordings.

Further, they can learn how the assorted controls on a patch clamp amplifier can affect the recorded signal.

Features of Cell Simulator

  • 7 modes: clogged pipette, pipette in bath, patch seal, two whole cells, inside-out patch, and outside-out patch.
  • Two standard probe inputs: BNC and 2 mm pin
  • 3 independent channels: patch, Na+, and K+ that can be opened/closed manually or by computer
  • Gate switching speeds up to 1 ms
  • Built-in battery recharger
A-M Systems instruments are not approved for use with human subjects in either a clinical or research environment.
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Price: $395.00