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EMX-1 Stereo Turret

Regular Price: $1,145.00
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Catalog #:725137
The EMX-1 Pole System comes complete with an EMX-1 Turret Style Body, PX Pole Stand, 10X eyepieces, eyeshields, and dust cover.
EMX-1 Turret Style Body features:
  • Crisp High Resolution Optics
  • Erect Unreversed Stereoscopic Image
  • Turret Style Stereo Body
  • Full Metal Body
  • Paired Objectives: 0.5X, 1X
  • Magnification: 5X, 10X
  • 45 deg Binocular Eyetubes
  • Standard Working Distance: 225mm
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment from 54mm to 75mm

Supplemental lenses and eyepieces can increase magnification.

PX Style Pole Stand features:
  • "FX" focusing holder
  • Extended Pole Length
  • Plain Base
  • Reversible black and white stage plate
  • Two Stage Clips
For EMX-1 Model. Fixed Objectives = 0.5X, 1.0X.
Auxilliary Lenses 10X Eyepieces Working Distance (mm)
Total Magnification Field Diameter (mm)
None 5X, 10X 46 - 23 225
(Product #725036)
3.5X, 7X 69 - 34 300