Cosmed Pony FX Desktop Spirometer

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4th Gen. Cosmed Pony FX Spirometer

Cosmed Pony FX offers a complete spirometry solution with a large color LCD screen and a built-in printer and can be used with or without a computer

Standalone or With a Computer

The Pony FX can be used in standalone mode with its internal rechargeable battery and built-in thermal printer.

OMNIA Software

OMNIA allows intuitive, immediate spirometry testing with advanced text interpretation and graphical tools for quick assessment. Includes new standards and predicteds according to latest ATS/ERS guidelines (2005 Consensus, GLI, etc).

Pediatric Incentives

Perform spirometry maneuvers with an innovate set of pediatric incentives with user-defined grade on both volume and flow (both PEF and FVC predicteds).

** COSMED products are available for sale in the US only

Pony FXDesktop Spirometer with turbine flowmeter
Standard Tests (Spirometry)
TestsForced Vital Capacity (FVC) Pre/Post, Slow Vital Capacity (SVC) Pre/Post, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV), Bronchochallenge - Bronchial Dilator/Constrictor test
Measured Parameters (partial listing)FVC • IVC • VC • MVV • VT • FEV1 • FEV6 • FEV1/FEV6 • FEV6/FVC • PEF • PIF • FEV1/FVC • FEF25-75 • FEV1/VC% • %FEV1 • MEF25% • MEF50% • MEF75% • FET 100% • Lung Age • ERV • IRV • VE • Rf • ti • te • ti/t.tot • VT/ti • Best FVC • Best FEV1 • IC
Predicted Values (partial listing)2012 Global Lung initiative (GLI), ERS 1993 (ECCS 1983), NHANES III, Knudson 83, ECCS 1971, ITS, Zapletal, LAM, Pneumobil, Gutierrez (Chile), Multicèntrico Barcelona, Thai 2000, Austria (Forche), Crapo 1981 user defined predicted calculations.
InterpretationAutomatic and comprehensive , with statements based on: ATS/ERS 2005 (Spirometry), GOLD COPD, ATS/ERS 2005 (Obstruction Reversibility based on FVC Post BD), ATS/ERS 2007 (Obstruction Reversibility based on Rocc)
Dimensions & Weight19.8x23.8x7.6 cm / 1.2 Kg
Interfaces USB-A, USB-B, RS 232
DisplayColor LCD 320 x 240 pixel
PrinterHigh speed thermal printer 110 mm
BatteryRechargeable Li-ion batteries (2600 mAh)
Power supply100-240V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
FlowmeterTurbine Ø-28mm
TypeBidirectional Digital Turbine
Resolution12 mL
Ventilation Range0-300 L/min
Flow Range0-16 L/s
Accuracy± 2% or 20 mL/s
Resistance< 0.8 cm H2O /L/s @ 14 L/s
Available languagesItalian, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Korean, Romanian, Czech, Norwegian
Required PC ConfigurationI3 or higher processor speed. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 or 64 bit). RAM 4GB (8GB recommended). HD with 4GB of free space (plus tools)