Glass Pipette Electrode Holders

Each component in a state-of-the-art electrophysiology rig is carefully designed to maximize performance. Whether it is your extreme low-noise amplifier, your precision microscope, or your vibration isolation table, the quality of your equipment directly impacts the quality of your research. Why should you compromise your recordings with a subpar microelectrode holder?

A-M Systems is proud to announce the acquisition of E.W. Wright's microelectrode holder business. Long recognized as the master in the design and manufacture of glass pipette microelectrode holders, E.W. Wright carefully honed his products through close interaction with his customers. His attention to detail, his precision machining, and his accurate and reproducible designs made customer acceptance of his holders universal. E.W. Wright's contribution to electrophysiological studies cannot be underestimated. [Read more about the acquisition.]

Please, review A-M Systems reintroduced line of high-quality microelectrode holders, made under the direct supervision and training by E.W. Wright, utilizing the same machinery and tooling, and the same original drawings. Available with and without suction ports, with and without perfusion ports, in a variety of configurations and compatible with all major manufacturer's headstage connectors.