Free Repairs. Free Loaners. Free Calibration.

Starting January 1, 2020, the Buy It For Life program covers most instruments and headstages manufactured by A-M Systems. A free registration is required.

If anything goes wrong on one of our Stimulators, Isolators, or Amplifiers that we manufacture, we will repair it at no charge for as long as you own the instrument.

The Details

A-M Systems understands that accuracy in measurement is critical for fundamental research progress. Thus, within three years of receiving your instrument, A-M Systems will recalibrate your instrument to perform optimally.

A-M Systems also understands that productive time is the key resource in any successful research laboratory and that downtime in a project can mean delays in obtaining critical data for publication and funding.

We are proud of our ability to build reliable and dependable neuroscience and physiology instrumentation, but there are circumstances when components can fail, especially over time. During those times, A-M Systems will make every effort to repair and recalibrate your instrument for free. This includes one repair per year of any A-M Systems headstage, except for our smallest multichannel record-only headstages.

Most of the time required for the instrument to be out of your laboratory is attributable to the ground transit time between your location and our Seattle facility. Rush shipping can significantly decrease the overall time you are without your instrument. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

The Fine Print

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges for the instrument being repaired and the loaner instrument. Only instruments manufactured by A-M Systems are eligible. The following are not covered by the Buy It For Life program: Batteries, Quest Scientific Hum Bug Noise Eliminator, ALA Scientific Instruments LSD-1 Light Source Device, A-M Systems and CED data acquisition and analysis software and hardware, and A-M Systems miniature multichannel headstages.

The lifetime of the instrument is defined as the time all components in the instrument can still be purchased from mainstream, common electronic component distributors such as Digi-Key Electronics, Newark, or Mouser Electronics. Registering your instrument allows A-M Systems to contact you if and when an instrument will be designated obsolete and no longer covered by the program. Advance notice will be given if this occurs.

A-M Systems' Buy It For Life program extends our warranty period from three years to the "lifetime of the instrument" as defined above. And we're offering a free loaner during the downtime and one free calibration service, both of which are not mentioned in our warranty statement.

Buy It For Life does not cover abuse, misuse, or unintended use of the instrument and headstages, as stated in our warranty. Buy It For Life does not change our limits of liability as stated in our warranty.

(Updated Dec. 23, 2019)

A-M Systems Buy It For Life includes free repairs, free loaners and a free calibration for the life of the instrument