MIR FlowMIR VBMax PFT Filter Kit for Spirolab, Spirobank, SpiroDoc, MiniSpir Spirometers

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Per box of 100 kits
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The MIR FlowMIR-VBMax PFT Filter Kit is disposable in its entirety, allowing clinicians to easily comply with enhanced infection control measures during the pandemic.

The FlowMIR-VBMax filter kit fits SpiroLab, Spirobank II Smart, Spirobank II Advanced, Spirobank II Basic, MiniSpir, and MiniSpir Light spirometers.

Previously, clinicians who wanted a bacterial-viral filter in front of the turbine needed to use MIR's reusable turbine that required disinfection after each use. If you have a reusable turbine, you can still use it with a range of our VBMax PFT Filter kits.

But if you prefer to dispose the filter and the turbine at once, then The American Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society are currently recommending the use of an in-line bacterial-viral filter for spirometry maneuvers.

  • 100 kits per case
  • Individually packaged
Animation of VBMax PFT Filter connected to FlowMIR disposable turbine for spirometry