ViroMax Viral & Bacterial Filter

Price: $86.00
Per box of 50 filters
Catalog #:156200
GTIN: 00817081020304

ViroMax™ bacterial-viral filter features standard connectors (ISO 5356-1) for applications in breathing circuits, scavenging circuits, mechanical ventilation, and manual ventilation, including bag valve mask (BVM). The ViroMax filter is designed for single-patient, single-session use and comes in a case of 50 filters.

  • Bacterial Filtration efficiency: > 99.999% 1
  • Viral Filtration efficiency: > 99.99% 1
  • Low Flow Resistance: 1.5 cm H20 at 60 LPM
  • Dead Space: 45 mL
  • Coaxial ISO connectors:
    • 22 mm inside diameter / 25 mm outside diameter
    • 15 mm inside diameter / 22 mm outside
  • Low Flow Resistance: 1.5 cm H20 at 60 LPM
  • Compact, transparent housing
  • Bi-directional airflow
  • Disposable: for single-patient use only
  • Naturally "hydrophobic"
  • Ultrasonically welded
  • 50 Filters per case

1. Tested by Nelson Laboratories Inc., U.S.A. (Read more about Viral Filtration Efficiency and testing in the "Viral Filtration Efficiency" tab above.)

The ViroMax Viral-Bacterial Filter was tested at Nelson Laboratories at an increased challenge level that included a higher viral concentration and aerosolized particles that are smaller than the upper range (≤5 µm) of what the CDC generally defines as droplet nuclei 1 or infectious aerosols 2.

The virus used in these tests is the φX174, a spherical, icosahedral bacteriophage with 5,386 nucleotides and 27 nm (0.027 µm) in size. The challenge liquid was nebulized and then aerosolized in order to mimic aerosols and respiratory droplets. The mean particle size of these aerosols in the tests was 2.8 µm.

Each challenge in these reproducible tests consisted of 1.6 x 106 plaque-forming units or more. And the plates were incubated at body temperature for 12 to 24 hours.


  1. Review of Scientific Data Regarding Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings
  2. Frequently Asked Questions about Laboratory Biosafety and SARS-CoV-2