Pre-Filled Disposable Columns

Price: $24.00
Catalog #:152600

Pre-Filled Disposable Columns are available for your convenience in a variety of sizes. Two different chemical compositions are available.

  • Pre-filled and disposable for your convenience
  • Quality construction
  • Clear walls and labels
  • Ends secured with blue polystyrene endcaps
  • Individually packaged in sealed foil envelopes
  • One year shelf life if kept in individually sealed envelopes

Hazardous Material Shipping

Federal regulations require extra paperwork and caution to transport hazardous materials that contain Ascarite. A small handling fee is charged by all major shipping companies. If you are purchasing Ascarite /Drierite columns (#152900 or #153500), please add the Hazardous Material Shipping Charge to your shopping cart.