Model 3000 AC/DC Differential Amplifier

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For low-noise recordings from excitable tissue using low impedance electrodes.

A-M Systems Model 3000

Research Quality

For an Education Budget

Full Function

AC or DC Signals
Gain, Filtering, Capacity Compensation

Low Noise

1.8 µV p-p
10 Hz to 10 kHz

The Model 3000 AC/DC Differential Amplifier is designed for low-noise recordings from excitable tissue using low impedance (<1.5 MΩ) electrodes. When paired with an optional x10 gain headstage, the Model 3000 is perfect for single cell recordings using high-impedance glass or metal microelectrodes.

Common applications include, but are not limited to:

Multiple-Unit Recordings

Evoked Potentials

EEG/EMG/EKG/ERG recordings

Long-term Potentiation

Single Cell Action Potentials (with optional headstage)

This single-channel amplifier is packed full of features to accommodate your specific instrumentation requirements, yet fits into a compact enclosure for convenient placement in the lab. The standard input consists of a twisted-pair cable with an active shield. The ends of the cable are left bare to be wired to your input device.

As an option, a headstage can be used to pre-amplify the input signal for high impedance glass or metal microelectrodes. The input mode can be set for either differential or single-ended recordings.

External stimulus generators can be easily used with the Model 3000 via the front panel stimulus input BNC. Stimulus mode channels any signal present at the stimulus BNC directly to the electrodes, bypassing the internal recording circuitry. At the same time, the amplifier switchs to a current monitor mode, and measures the actual current passing through the electrode. Both stimulus and recording modes can be controlled through an external gate signal, allowing for computer controlled switching.

During recording, the input can be amplified from 50 to 10,000 times in both DC and AC modes. A high-resolution DC Offset adjustment is available up to ±1V, with both Fine and Coarse adjustment controls. High Pass, Low Pass, and Notch Filters offer wide frequency selectivity. Like all of our amplifiers, gain and filter settings can be customized to your particular requirements. The small size of the amplifier and remote power supply offers the advantage of placing the amplifier next to the experimental set up, or within a Faraday cage with minimal power-line interference.


  • Noise: 1.8 µV, p-p (10 Hz–10 kHz); 0.1 fA/Hz at 1 kHz 
  • Input impedance: 1015 Ohms || 1 pF 
  • Initial bias current: ±1.0 fA, typical 
  • Maximum differential signal: 200 mV with ±250 mV offset 
  • Capacity compensation: -4–50 pF 
  • External power supply for low noise 
  • Gain and filter settings are factory customizable upon request 

The Model 3000 includes:

  • Operator's manual and Rack mount hardware
  • Remote international power supply
  • 3-Foot Input cable (Catalog#: 910400)
  • Black, green and red mini headstage connector cables

Optional headstages are available for use with high impedance-electrodes. Typically, they are recommended when the impedance of the electrode exceeds 1 to 2 megohms. The mini headstage supports only recording functionality and features an extremely compact size.

The regular headstage supports all instrument functionality, including record, stimulate and impedance modes. Headstage cable length is 5 feet, but can be extended up to 10 feet in total length.

To use glass micropipette electrodes with the Model 3000 headstage, a compatible microelectrode holder should be purchased. Any pipette holder with a 2 mm pin can mate directly with the headstage. Model 3000 Headstages are furnished with short interconnects designed to mate with metal electrodes.

Catalog # Product Price
910500 Model 3000 Headstage-Regular
Price: $480.00
910502 Model 3000 Headstage-Mini
Price: $275.00
910400 3' Input Cable (DB-15 on one end)
Price: $45.00
749230 Standard Input Cable Extension Fee (Model 3000)
Price: $45.00
749299 Headstage Cable Extension Fee (Model 3000)
Price: $112.00
520200 Male Miniature Pin Connector Fits Model 1800 / 3000 Headstage Leads
Price: $96.00
521300 1.6 mm Socket Connector
Price: $46.00
701900 Single-Channel Headstages Input Cable Set (Qty. 4)-4 in.
Price: $45.00
701912 Single-Channel Headstages Input Cable Set (Qty. 4)-12 in.
Price: $49.00
915120 Replacement Desktop Power Supply-120 V
Price: $150.00
915122 Replacement Desktop Power Supply-230 V
Price: $150.00

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Price: $1,690.00